Did "Coca-Cola" use to contain cocaine?

Did "Coke" originally contain cocaine? Yes. "Coke"was named for its two main ingredients, the extract of coca leaves and kola nuts. No one knows how much cocaine was actually put into "Coke", but the beverage did have some cocaine in it. They didn't want to take the cocaine away, because it was in the name. Anyone could make the same "Coke" formula, but only "Coca-Cola" could put the label on the bottle. They had to keep the name! They eventually did find a substitute that was much less harmful than cocaine. It still contained very small amounts of cocaine all the way up to 1929.
 Don't think that "Coca-Cola" turned millions of "Coke" drinkers into druggies. At that time it was common to put cocaine in trade marketed medicines (which "Coke" was at the time).
-John Baskin

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